Hallway with shelves for shoes and clothes The hands: 125+ Photo options (with a seat, with a hanger, with a stool and not only)


The shelves for shoes in the hallway, available today, will help you solve the problem of storing shoes in your home. The room at the entrance to the house can set the tone for the rest of the decor of the rooms, and proper storage of shoes will minimize confusion and provide a stylish place not only for shoes, but also for other personal items. Choose a shoe rack in which there are many functional elements to combine storage. A bench, an ottoman with shelves and other organizers all contribute to creating a well-organized room. To make effective storage in a small area, use high and narrow forms. Such items do not require a lot of space and effectively use walls for storage. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

The content of the article:

  • Arrange the hallway correctly
  • Place the shelves for shoes conveniently
  • How to choose furniture for shoes in the hallway?
  • 9 easy ways to organize shoes
  • Organize by style
  • Fit regular shelves
  • Use a bookshelf
  • Search for extra space
  • Pendant shoe holder
  • PVC pipe shelves
  • An idea for a narrow shelf
  • Pendants
  • Turn your IKEA bookcase into a shoe rack
  • Shelf under the shoes with their own hands
  • Doing hexagonal shelves with your own hands: what do you need?
  • Shoe Rack Step-by-Step Guide
  • findings
  • VIDEO: Bright ideas for your shelves
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 125 photos)
  • Arrange the hallway correctly
  • Place the shelves for shoes conveniently
  • How to choose furniture for shoes in the hallway?
  • 9 easy ways to organize shoes
  • Shelf under the shoes with their own hands
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 125 photos)
  • Arrange the hallway correctly

    In the corridor you greet guests and take the first steps into your personal space after a long working day. It makes sense to get closer to this part of the house, with particular attention to organization and cleanliness. Organized and well thought out space will create a tone of calm for you and your guests. Today we will talk how to ensure this effect with the help of shelves for shoes.

    Inexpensive and stylish shelf for shoes

    BoardUse baskets and boxes to get the most out of your new storage system.

    Set up separate shelves for different family members or make sections according to season or type. For example, you may have a special basket for all your multi-purpose bags near the front door, so you will never forget to take the bag when you go to the market. If it's a bit difficult for you to keep track of things like keys and a wallet, make a special basket or even a decorative bowl so you always know where they are.

    Sliding wardrobe for storage of shoes and a small shelf for keys and other handy things

    Hooks can help everyone in the house to develop good habits for cleaning and storing important items. An organized environment is much easier to maintain than to practice the permanent elimination of confusion. To complete the storage system, add the final accessory — a shelf or shoe rack.

    Creating storage space for shoes right outside the front door can help keep the rest of your home a little cleaner, prompting the household and their guests to take off their shoes before heading off to the rest of the house. Choose a model shelf with hooks, if you do not have enough space to store all your homewear or not enough space to provide guests with a place to hang their coats.

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    Place the shelves for shoes conveniently

    Shoes are one of those things that quickly go out of control in my house. Many people, including myself, have more shoes than they need. And, like clothes, many couples almost never wear and they only occupy valuable space.

    On a noteThat's what I came up with: I made an audit of all the shoes, bringing it together and laying it out in a separate room. Sorted into categories. I decided for myself how many shoes I really need for each category. Gained courage and resolutely got rid of excess steam. Then sent them back to the shelf sorted by category.

    Non-standard solution

    Free space will always be a problem in any homes. Fortunately, many models of shoe shelves fit in almost any room and even in the hallway. They will look good right in the large home dressing room, in the guest room by the window, in the hallway or on the porch, even in the living room.

    If you want to place shelves for storing shoes in the living room, then probably choose a model with doors that open to the outside. When the door is closed, your shoe storage area may look just like a stool or bench, and it can be used as extra seating. No one will even guess what kind of treasure is hiding inside there.

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    How to choose furniture for shoes in the hallway?

    Even in the most organized houses hallways and corridors can quickly turn into cluttered problem areas. They tend to become dumps for shoes and other items, leaving your space less attractive to family and guests. The addition of special furniture to the hallway is an easy way to bring both function and style into the house..

    Space saving

    In order for shoe shelves to cope with the disorder, it is necessary to choose them according to the organization. For example, a bench with storage at the bottom at the same time serves as a place to sit and can be used as a shoe store. Similarly, a stylish shoe cabinet adds interest and provides a convenient storage space.

    BoardHow about creating coastal style in the hallway with your shoe storage furniture? The color palette for the coastal decor is light and airy. White, blue, cream, benches or hangers with a shelf for shoes in combination with textural baskets made of rattan or wicker will organically fit and create the main accent.

    Bench with storage space below

    Hanger with shelf

    To make the furniture effect in the room, choose quite popular and practical solutions with a hanger: it is a compact and capacious storage. The top shelf is traditionally used as a seat, making it pillows. Thus, this design solves three problems at once:

    • shoe storage;
    • storing things and small items that can be hung on hooks (for example, keys);
    • comfortable seating near the entrance to throw off your shoes.
    BoardTo highlight an object, use a color to contrast with other colors in the room. Shades of red contrast well with the gray-brown tones. For a win-win experience, use the classic combination of black and white, which creates a peppy contrast with any color palette. This combination, by the way, is again a priority for designers.

    Storage with doors and drawers

    There are many choices, including storage with doors and drawers, to hide shoes out of sight. Popular destinations are aged wood and combinations of metal and wood.

    Light or dark wood with simple shapes fits well with traditional décor. A convenient option is a cabinet that contains a mirror on the inside of the door or additional drawers for small items.

    Most Art Nouveau models have straight lines and austere style. Roomy bottom and the absence of sidewalls give airiness and at the same time capacity, without making the space heavier. Ideal for small hallways (and for large ones too).

    Art Nouveau

    In a small corridor, tall slender structures occupy minimal space and use the wall space as the main storage area. For large rooms, balance the atmosphere using two identical elements.

    Wooden shelves

    What kinds of shoe storage designs would be appropriate for traditional or rustic decor? The basic elements of a traditional or rustic look are simple lines with no frills. Wood in natural finish, its combination with durable metal frames - a good solution, which is available in many types of designs. Or take a look at storage benches with simple metal uprights.

    Wood in natural finish

    Shoe rack with seat

    When you need furniture that provides a comfortable area for putting on and taking off your shoes, think about a shelf for shoes with a seat. She will allow you to store and organize shoes and other clothes. A bench on top will allow you to sit quietly during pereobuvaniya. You no longer need to lean against the wall for balance to put on your shoes. Most mothers will like their children to no longer smudge the walls of the corridor.

    Bench on top will help you to change shoes.

    Complement it with a pillow for warmth and convenience. Shelves under it give you enough space to store several pairs of boots, shoes and slippers that you wear every day. You can put wicker boxes on top for storing small accessories in one convenient place.

    Hardwood shoe benches and veneers are an attractive and versatile look.

    BoardChoose a model with a tabletop to place decorative objects.

    The open concept devices and baskets are ideal for storing leads and accessories for dogs, compact umbrellas, hats, gloves and other items. Many shoe benches go well with other furniture.

    Look stylish

    Under the seating area there are several shelves for shoes. Depending on how much you plan to spend and how much space you have, they can store from 6 to 20 pairs of shoes.

    Wrought iron shelf

    Wrought iron shoe racks are made of pieces and have a high cost. This product is necessary for external use, as it has high corrosion resistance and exceptional strength. Their main features are as follows:

    • corrosion protection;
    • increased strength;
    • exclusive design.

    Forged model

    In the manufacture of high-quality forged products, reliable metal mixtures and special technology are used in accordance with industry guidelines. Check with the manufacturer of the composition of raw materials.

    Bench with shelf

    In order to get extra storage space for shoes in the hallway, as well as a living room, bedroom, dining room or another room, and when you do not have enough space for bulk furniture, try using a stool or ottoman with a large storage space.

    The stool in gray tone looks cozy

    What elements should be considered for such a stool? The texture of the soft fabric gives a cozy room. The choice of upholstery for the bench should be in the same color as the base color used in the hallway to organically fit the new item. To decorate the hallway favorably, use light colors or even pure white.

    Cabinet in the hall with shelves

    If you decide to place a complete wardrobe in the hallway, despite the fact that he eats all the space, choose such a model so that it provides a combination of functional storage and stylish appearance, as its appearance will prevail and attract the attention of guests. For example, create an accent cabinet with doors in a style that blends with the existing decor.

    The combination of functional storage and stylish appearance

    Cabinets for the hallway often do atas usual, which is quite natural for our realities - spacious hallways are quite rare. Their second feature is a large number of shelves and small sectors for storing shoes, mail and other permanent residents of the corridor.. While shoe shelves are often open, the closet usually has doors that hide the inside shelves.

    Bench with shelf

    There are not so many benches that specialize in the storage of shoes, since this element is mega convenient and can be used in any room and for any purpose. Each room has space for a small bench, so why not choose it with storage space. What makes them comfortable for corridors is its compact size, and you can use it even in a tiny room and get two huge advantages - a place for comfortable removal and storage of shoes.

    Can be used even in a small room.

    This stylish and functional item always looks like an accent, bringing individuality into the design. In addition to the neat storage of shoes, this bench can be used to store other items that will always be in close access - a useful feature for guests during their visit, and for the owners.

    Put on her extra pillows, blanket to create comfort and convenience. By placing it under a large mirror or picture, you will create a complete holistic design that does not require additional details.

    Classic and discreet style


    In order to create a popular sea theme in a few strokes, concentrate on the white, cream, blue and sand color - they are the basis of this style. Add textures such as woven upholstery or woven baskets. A bench with shelves with rattan elements will create the right atmosphere.

    Metal shelf

    The ideal option is a universal metal shelf, in which there is a compartment for umbrellas, shoes and other items for guests. The addition of metal to wood will make the furniture more reliable and aesthetically appealing. Simple lines of metal in combination with wood are the basis for creating a “simple” style that conquers with its “genius”.

    Simple metal lines in combination with wood

    Stands for storage

    This item is similar to hangers with a shelf, but has additional storage space. It is light and eye-catching, it can be added to any decor. In a small corridor, a bench paired with wall shelves and hooks creates a universal place for guests to leave a coat, hat and dirty shoes. Use stylish soft pillows. Respect the alignment of colors, so as to create an organic harmonization of room style.The stand upholstered with a matter happens both monophonic, and patterned.

    Scandinavian style entrance hall

    Closed shelves

    While shoe shelves are often open, dressers usually have doors that hide inner shelves with a convenient shoe holder. Although the choice of dressers and material for them is largely limited to wood or metal, along with standard closed shelves and dressers, there are still a large number of decorative models with a mirror, metal surface, the effect of decoupage and much more.

    The dresser has shelves with a convenient shoe holder.

    In the modern style of furnishing, black lacquered chests look good, and chests of walnut or oak are suitable for country style.

    Corner shelf

    To use space effectively, always occupy the corners of the room. Since for the hallway its most important property is its capacity, use the corners to accurately place shoes in them. Corner shelves can be open and closed, but closed shelves always make the space heavier due to their shape and conceal square meters.

    For efficient use of space

    Open shelves look great from wood, this option is quite roomy and suitable for a large family.

    Plastic shelf

    Plastic shelf is ideal for rental housing, as well as when moving to a new home when time is required to purchase permanent fittings. Because of the properties of the material, plastic is short-lived and is suitable only as a temporary option. However, it is good in that it implies a variety of colors and stylizations for various natural materials and phenomena, or other effects..

    Plastic shelf as a temporary option

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    9 easy ways to organize shoes

    If you have at least 10 pairs of shoes that you wear regularly and need their organization, these tips will help you. Arranging shoes does not require spending a fortune, and does not mean that you should have a closet the size of a small house. You can easily organize your shoes into the perfect little heap and never worry about losing them again.

    Unusual storage option

    Shelves for shoes can be made from many things at hand that look great and are really effective in keeping everything neat. Take a look at these 9 best ideas for organizing shoes and see how they help you keep a neat collection.

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    Organize by style

    If you tend to wear different types of shoes: ballet flats, shoes, shoes, etc., then you can arrange them in style to choose the whole image at once. Take one more step: if you have a sufficient collection, organize it in style, and then in color.

    In wooden style

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    Fit regular shelves

    If you have space, just add a few shelves to your closet to hold your shoes on. Adding shelves to a wall is a great way to keep all your shoes together and have plenty of space for other things. Это лучше всего работает, когда есть довольно большой гардероб, но вы можете поставить новые полки в любом месте, где есть пустая стена.

    Для прихожей в которой есть свободная стена

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    Use a bookshelf

    Bookshelves are great for organizing anything you want, and you can use them to keep your shoes in order. If you have a place to install a bookshelf in the closet, great. If not, just keep your shoes on the shelf in your bedroom or bathroom - where you have room for her. Think about embedding it in your bedroom wall to save space and have a convenient option for storing shoes and other accessories.

    Bookshelf as storage option

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    Search for extra space

    There are so many places to store your shoes. If you have room to create shelves, place them in a bedroom or closet. Use the dressing table for neat storage and even those small shelves that hang on the walls are perfect for storing shoes from the floor.Use your imagination to create storage space for shoes.

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    Pendant shoe holder

    With the help of several thin boards, create a place for shoes with a heel. You just need to nail the slats to the wall or screw them to the back of the cabinet, making sure they are installed exactly. Then just hang your heels on the heel boards. This works well for small spaces, and you can place several pairs of shoes on one strip.

    For heels

    And here is another option for inspiration: turn, after one designer, a disassembled frame for a picture into wall storage. Option two: buy a wall molding at a home repair shop, cut them to size, paint and finally hang them. Return to the menu

    PVC pipe shelves

    Usually a PVC pipe is hidden behind drywall, but here it takes center stage as the basis for another creative shoe rack that you can do with your own hands.

    Incredibly stylish tube version

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    An idea for a narrow shelf

    In narrow places, such as the entrance corner, this shoe rack, which can also be made independently, provides a compact but effective solution for storing shoes of any type - from lightweight sneakers to bulky boots.

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    Save space by placing shoes on the wall or on the back of the closet. Best for sandals and flat shoes. All you need is shoe hangers and twine.

    Special hangers in the closet, as an alternative for storage

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    Turn your IKEA bookcase into a shoe rack

    Ikea's life hacking is always successful, pick a regular Ikea bookcase and turn it into a shoe store that looks beautiful and keeps shoes very efficiently in place. You can create this shoe organizer in just an hour and have plenty of storage space for all shoes.

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    Shelf under the shoes with their own hands

    I was really inspired by the shoe shelf with my own hands on the basis of Ikea bookshelves. I got Ikea Billy, who was ineffective in the house:

    This bookcase had a suitable size to fit in the left half of my wardrobe and I found lessons on the Internet to create six-sided wall shelves.

    Easy to assemble with your own hands

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    Doing hexagonal shelves with your own hands: what do you need?

    Your tool list is relatively simple. Make as many shapes as you want and arrange them. These instructions are designed for 8 pieces that fit perfectly into an Ikea Billy bookcase. Where do I start:

    • I bought 1 × 10 inch slats (2.5 x 25 cm) 1.5-2 meters long to facilitate the delivery of goods home;
    • glue for wood;
    • varnish for coating;
    • wood stain - I used linseed oil;
    • sandpaper, brush and rag for dyeing.

    Easy do it yourself

    Also note that the 1 × 10 inches were a bit narrower and were about 23 cm. This means that the shoe figures will have a depth of 9 1/4 inches (23 cm). This is the perfect size for kids and mom's shoes (my size is 37). If your family is high enough, you will need great depth.

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    Shoe Rack Step-by-Step Guide

    Step 1 (optional)

    Prepare your shelf. My original bookcase was black. I quickly primed and painted it with white, using the remaining paint. If you already have a white shelf or want to use black, skip this item.

    Step 2

    Count the corners. Try to recall high school and calculate the size of the hexagon.

    My bookcase width was 30 inches (76 cm), and I needed each shelf to be 10 inches wide (or just square).


    Make friends with someone who owns a power tool. To make the shelves, you will need to cut 1 × 10-inch slats into 48 slats of 15 cm (5.3 / 4 inches).

    Do-it-yourself bookshelf

    Make a few additional plates so that there is a reserve in case of marriage. Then set the blade to a 30 degree angle and cut each end of the end face.

    Step 4

    Assemble the planks in the shape of a regular hexagon. Hammer in nails along one edge of each cut of the tree.

    Then apply wood glue along the seam before nailing the pieces together. Each hexagon will be a little flimsy until the wooden glue dries. I installed all the shelves to the place where the glue had dried completely overnight, so that all the corners remained flat.

    Step 5

    It's time to paint. It is always recommended to pretreat the wood before dyeing.You can also simply moisten wood with cloth and water instead of buying a special product. I used this method and was pleased with the results.

    Variant of their pallets

    Step 6

    Installation. I made shelves in three rows, arranging them in a checkerboard pattern. I also used the original top shelf as a stand for baskets and smaller items.

    For my home, a shoe shelf is the only piece of furniture for storage that fits into a room, and everything else is just decor items and a light worktop that does not weigh down the interior.

    Required space for each hallway

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    For me, shoe shelves with seats opened up a new world of comfort: I can't imagine how you could live without this wonderful place to sit before, especially after a long working day.

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    VIDEO: Bright ideas for your shelves