Modern design of the hallway in the apartment and house in 2019. TOP-8 tips + 200 PHOTO


The hallway is usually the first thing guests see when they enter a house or apartment. Therefore, the guarantee that the hall will look amazing, should be a priority. Beautiful design can be realized in any room, even in the smallest. The main thing is to do it wisely and with taste.

Content of this article:

  • Find the right ideas for your hallway.
  • How to make the corridor cozy
  • What kind of furniture in the hallway do you really need
  • Is there a staircase in your corridor
  • How to decorate the stairs
  • What style to choose for the hallway
  • Art Nouveau entrance hall
  • Hall in the style of "country"
  • Minimalist Hall
  • 6 more ideas for the design of your hallway
  • Mirrors
  • Little drama
  • More individualism
  • Correction of problem areas
  • Top 8 tips for a small hallway
  • VIDEO: Modern hallway design
  • GALLERY: The best ideas of modern hallway design
  • Find the right ideas for your hallway.
  • How to make the corridor cozy
  • What kind of furniture in the hallway do you really need
  • Is there a staircase in your hallway?
  • How to decorate the stairs
  • What style to choose for the hallway
  • Art Nouveau entrance hall
  • Hall in the style of "country"
  • Minimalist Hall
  • 6 more ideas for the design of your hallway
  • Top 8 tips for a small hallway
  • GALLERY: The best ideas of modern hallway design
  • Find the right ideas for your hallway.

    Today I want to share with you quite interesting ideas for turning the hallway into an elegant and hospitable space that instantly makes visiting guests pleasant and comfortable.

    Start changing from the hallway

    Regardless of whether your corridor is narrow or practically a room, the decor of the perfect furniture and decor will provide the necessary atmosphere.

    Some people want to completely renovate their corridor in new shades and style, so that the situation leaves a good impression on the guests about their living conditions.

    For a new idea, the main desire

    Others simply look for a new lamp or table for the hallway to update the look of the first room in the house.

    One addition can change the whole look.

    Despite the grandeur or smallness of your projects for the improvement of the hallway, my selection will allow you to choose the perfect furniture, shades, lighting, carpets and much more.

    Choose the best solution for yourself.

    All this will allow maximum use of the often forgotten space in the house.

    Make it even in the corner

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    How to make the corridor cozy

    Many people see the hallway's potential in providing storage space. And indeed, your corridor can become a very useful and capacious storage space without feeling cluttered.

    Ideal furniture - a means of clutter

    But we will try to make it not only functional, but also cozy. To get to the rest of the house, we often just slip past the hallway, not paying any attention to it, but in vain.

    Designer hallway sign of comfort in the house

    Even a narrow corridor can be turned into a home space where people can enjoy conversations and reflections, or stand with a glass of wine during a party.

    Bright entrance hall with bright accents

    Soft carpets, glossy flooring, surfaces with warm colors, various cozy lamps or other lighting effects.

    Warm colors for warm meetings

    All this creates your home charm, which can convey the usual urban or suburban corridor standard or oversized planning.

    Nude shades will always be relevant.

    Use bright colors with lots of white and pastel shades that are great for perceiving space in the hallway.

    Light and pastel colors for more space.

    You will be surprised at how a few bright accents turn a seemingly cramped corridor, which no one has ever thought of, into a place to visit.

    Light accents plus space

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    What kind of furniture in the hallway do you really need

    Since the corridors are usually relatively small spaces in the house, it is important to ensure that they do not seem cluttered. But this does not mean that you need to completely abandon the furniture!

    An elegant table with a telephone or lamp, a small basket where you can store mailing documents, a vase of flowers on the dresser, or even a pair of chairs (if you have a place) with plush cushions for guests to relax - all these courteous accessories will turn the corridor into a beautiful part of the house.

    Pay attention to the little things for the hallway

    Absolutely not worth having any furniture in your hallway, if you do not have extra space: instead try using color and lighting to create a pleasant effect.

    Lighting plays a huge role in the room

    The key to a large hallway is to use the space that you have, as well as a little inspiration.

    Inspire your favorite color

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    Is there a staircase in your corridor

    Any ladder can be turned into an asset, especially with the help of useful tips. For example, a spiral staircase must necessarily be accompanied by local lighting to emphasize its dignity.

    Dignity in lighting

    Spiral staircases have such an intriguing shape that it makes sense to turn them into the central part of a corridor.

    All the charm in one staircase

    A straight staircase is good in its functionality - there is nothing simpler and more convenient than organizing roomy shelves under it, which, moreover, look quite aesthetic.

    Oh, these shelves for trifles

    With color and detail, you can make a staircase an advantage, or hide it in the shade, minimizing its effect to focus on furniture in the hallway or other aspects.

    Focus on furniture and its details.

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    How to decorate the stairs

    Think about whether you want the stairs to be carpeted, and if so, in what color. Wooden boards are also good options for stairs.

    Wooden board is the best solution for the stairs

    Although it is always important to carefully consider the material used to provide a non-slip surface (which is very important for health and safety).

    Think how to add this ladder

    Painting the railing in an attractive shade or using shiny metal stair rails to support climbing people are also good ways to make the stairs look thought out.

    Turn on the fantasy - create a masterpiece

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    What style to choose for the hallway

    Here I gathered a few different ideas for styling the hallway, so that you will find what you like exactly.

    For example, a modern-style entrance hall is great for creating a chic first impression, while a country-style corridor will help create a feeling of comfort and warmth.

    Feel the warmth and comfort in the style of "Country"

    Here is one good rule for designing a hallway - think about the style in which the rest of the house is sustained, and then ensure that your corridor matches it.

    Clearly find the style just for yourself

    Although, of course, as long as your head buzzes with style ideas, you can repair several other rooms at the same time as the hallway.

    Minimum things - maximum space

    Below are three key themes that you can apply to your hallway. You may feel pleasantly surprised by a wide range of different design options.

    Feel like a great comfort creator.

    For example, when it comes to the hallway in the style of minimalism, critics are often skeptical, but below you will see that the minimalist style can really look very solid.

    Even a minimum is tasteful.

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    Art Nouveau entrance hall

    The modern style of the corridor will contain many strokes in the style of Chic and shiny metallic decorations:

    • think of the white or light walls that give space, metal stair railings and elegant furniture;
    • if you have a place in the corridor, you can also put a small modern sculpture on a beautiful table or hang some modern art on the walls to surprise the guests and arouse their admiration;
    • A creative lighting system is also a great idea for a modern hallway, and you can experiment with voluminous metal lamps in the Industrial style or small lamps in futuristic glass and silver.

    Elegant classic furniture is minimalism.

    This hallway style is just perfect for cutting-edge apartments, as it really fits into the elegant and urban mood of modern urban architecture.

    Urban mood of modern urban architecture

    However, you can also create a spacious and well-designed modern corridor in an old residential building, simply by adding a few of your own personal touches to the design.

    Modern corridor in an old residential building

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    Hall in the style of "country"

    Invite people to your home in a traditional style with a rustic hallway:

    • use eco-friendly design, using the dominant green with pale green wallpaper and foliage, or add simple wooden shelves without coating, located next to the bright white walls;
    • Add a picture of a rustic landscape on the walls, some wildflowers in a vase by the door, and cover the floor with a soft rug to create a feeling of comfort and warmth.

    Shades of greenery and wood - warmth and comfort

    This hallway style is perfect for nature lovers and those who feel close to the countryside.

    Perfect for nature lovers

    It is also suitable for all those who want to rely on traditional values ​​for hospitality and friendliness in the design of their home interiors.

    The feeling of family, friendship in this style

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    Minimalist Hall

    Minimalist design has a unique appeal.

    Nothing extra to create a hallway design

    It is characterized by aesthetics, which is based on simple lines and bare walls (art galleries of contemporary art are often the quintessence of minimalist spaces). The minimalist design is inherently clean and simple.

    The minimalist design is inherently clean and simple.

    But despite the fact that it can be perceived as a basic approach, designers with minimalist tendencies in the literal sense are spatial architects who are forced to create a new one from almost nothing.

    Creating a new image from almost nothing

    Their understanding of space and form is of paramount importance. This type of decoration is particularly suitable for houses with small corridors, as it has a non-overloaded, light and spacious view.

    Spaces and shapes are paramount

    But if you want, you can decorate a very large corridor in a minimalist style. Think of clean walls, a minimum of furniture, and simple but effective lighting.

    Minimum furniture, simple lighting

    Functionality is an expression of minimalism and in order to focus on it, it is necessary that every thing in the room be involved, has its own purpose and meaning.

    Engage everything, remove too much

    The choice in the style of minimalism is the most effective way to cope with the disorder, but do not think that it is completely impersonal.

    You can effectively express yourself and your thoughts in this style so that they look bright.

    The best way to deal with clutter

    I added favorite flower accessories to niches for lighting on walls that were specifically designed for the interior.

    Flower accessories in minimalism

    This trick revived my interior - contrasts and some mixture of styles are very relevant now.

    Choose the best color for a minimum of things.

    Carefully selected color of the walls, thoughtful storage options under the stairs, no more than one work of art - all this will create your own Zen-like corridor.

    Your own Zen-like corridor

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    6 more ideas for the design of your hallway

    These tips will help you think through ergonomics and decor.

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    Outdoor and oversized mirrors play an important role in expanding the space, but the trick is to make sure that they reflect something interesting, and not just a painted wall.

    Expand your space with a mirror

    Also apply glossy, reflective flooring to the floor to reflect the light around and make the area as spacious as possible.

    The most spacious area due to the reflective floor

    Faded, pale yellow hues, as well as light blue or soft green color improve the perception of the room.

    But if the hallway is dark, choose deeper shades to enhance the visual effect in the room and bring some flavor.

    The visual effect and highlight in the interior

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    Little drama

    A large square room under the hallway can be just as problematic for the design as a narrow corridor.

    Difficulties in designing a square room

    It is often left without thoughtful design and looks like a half-empty boring room.

    A round ottoman or another seat in the middle of the room will give a practical and soft focus, and also accentuates color and height in the center of the space.

    Ottoman solves everything

    A table in the center with a dotted sculpture or a vase of flowers can also look dramatic, although it may not be the best solution if you have small children in the house.

    The mirror will create the harmony of the room

    If the room is not large enough for furniture in the central part, a bold rug will add balance and interest.

    Balance and balance mat

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    More individualism

    The tendency is to paint the walls with a neutral color in order to create the effect of a single space with the hall and thereby maximize the area.

    All in one color - balance in space

    But since this is a passageway, there is no reason not to experiment with stronger colors and patterns as a local decor.

    Use patterns where appropriate.

    After all, it is a public place that should reflect family identity.

    Family idyll in interior details

    I often use something unusual for the design of the hallway, because I believe that this area of ​​the house especially needs a smile from both family members and guests.

    An interesting decision, a creative campaign

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    Correction of problem areas

    Although it is not necessary to match the color of the walls in the hallway with the rest of the rooms that follow it, there must still be some connecting element or theme between the rooms.

    Bonding colors with other rooms

    This helps the “dynamics” of the house and creates a sense of integrity. If you want to rebalance a very high ceiling, then a bold horizontal stripe in a contrasting color that continues the line of the stairs is very effective and will add a dynamic sensation to the space.

    Adding color enlivens the space.

    For a lively hallway, where there are children, baby carriages and toys, try paneling the walls.

    Using multiple materials

    They are suitable for both traditional and modern interiors, and are my favorite choice because they give an elegant, textural look that will withstand the impact of everyday life.

    Use acrylic paint for them, which is easy to apply and gives a durable washable finish.

    Or for the most modern look, paint the walls in matte dark gray, adding bright colors to other interior items to balance and balance style.

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    Top 8 tips for a small hallway

    1 We hang the mirror on the front door or cabinet door.

    Mirror on the cabinet door

    2 Making the hallway in the form of a square.

    Square hallway

    3 The minimum width of the passage in the hallway - 80 cm.

    Pass 80 cm

    4We make out the walls correctly. Mirrors and paintings with perspective.


    5We give preference to a hanger panel.

    Panel hanger

    6Place furniture along one wall in a narrow corridor.

    Furniture by the wall

    7Use the corner hallway.

    Corner Entrance Hall

    8Stavim furniture "all in one."

    Multifunctional furniture

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    VIDEO: Modern hallway design